Luxury Lounge

Designed with sophistication and comfort, it offers a serene retreat for residents to socialize and cherish moments.

Recreation Area

Embrace an active lifestyle and engage in indoor games and activities, fostering a vibrant and engaging community.

Home Theatre

Experience the ultimate cinematic indulgence, where residents can enjoy their favourite movies and shows in luxury.

Individual Parking

Enjoy the convenience of private parking spaces, ensuring vehicles are secure, and promoting effortless mobility.


Immerse yourself in world of knowledge and leisure with diverse collection of books and reading spaces for enrichment.

Common Dining

Foster a sense of togetherness where residents can enjoy meals with their friends, promoting social connections.


Rest assured that with our immediate medical attention and care, ensuring residents' well-being is always a priority.

Kinder garten

Create cherished memories with interactions, where residents can engage with young children, spreading joy and love.

Amphi theatre

Delight in cultural performances and events, providing a grand space for residents to celebrate and cherish moments.


Promote vitality with personalized exercise programs and fitness classes for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Swimming Pool

Indulge in leisurely swims and a refreshing escape in luxurious pool, filled with properly treated, extra-hygienic water.

Ayurvedic Massage Centre

Rejuvenate your senses, where residents can indulge in therapeutic treatments and wellness therapies for relaxation.

Bed & Passenger Elevators

Ensuring ease of mobility, we provide convenient access to different levels of community and accommodate every need.

Open Courtyard

Ensuring ease of mobility, we provide convenient access to different levels of community and accommodate every need.

Ayurvedic Garden

Enjoy natural healing with outdoor and indoor plants like snake plants that provide oxygen and facilitate air filtration.

Full time generator backup

Assuring an uninterrupted power supply, generator backup ensures residents' comfort and safety during power outages.

Fresh Water Supply

We ensure a continuous supply of fresh water, enjoy the luxury of uninterrupted access to clean and pure drinking water.

Yoga Space

Nurture the mind, body, and soul, providing a serene environment for residents to practice meditation for well-being.

AI Based Security & Surveillance

To ensure strict adherence to safety standards and in sincere efforts to reduce mannual judgemental errors, our AI based systems provide absolute protection.

Environment-Friendly Power & Hot Water System

Relish a continuous supply of electricity and hot water through sustainable means.

Fully Air Conditioned

Beat the blazing sun and celebrate retirement in a cool and pleasant atmosphere with our fully air-conditioned campus.

Home Automation

Find delight in highly innovative facilities like Alexa-enabled lights, fans e.t.c that enhance the comfort of the elderly.

Values That Motivate Us
To Keep Caring


We strive to create an ambience that promotes serenity, free from complexities.

Social Good

We intend to make a positive impact on society by giving back to the community.


Honesty and transparency, ensure that services are delivered with integrity.

900 m distance from PRNSS College, Mattanur.
1.25 km from Mattanur Bus Stand.
4.5 km from Kannur International Airport.

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